Annas Bundle

Anna’s Bundle

$60.99 $51.99


1 x CBD Vape Pen

Choose from 3 flavors!

1 x Raw Hemo CBD Flower

Choose from Various strains!

Whats inside the Bundle?

What’s in the Bundle?

Anna’s Bundle is inspired by Youtuber Anna Campbell to let go of the fear of being average! This bundle carries our 200mg CBD vape pens and 3.5g CBD Flower in whichever strain you choose. Anna’s Bundles includes the following products: (1) CBD Vape Pen (1) CBD Raw Hemp Flower bag

Inside The Bundle

This bundle provides a familiar method of CBD consumption for those who are used to smoking. Our vape pens are easy to use and come in three great flavors to choose from; meanwhile, our hemp flower is available in different strains, so you can roll with whichever strain works best for you.
inside the bundle
Why Buy the bundle

Why Buy Anna’s Bundle?

Anna is one of the most relatable Youtuber out there. She’s all about being herself and nothing else. This bundle is perfect for people who need a little reminder that it’s okay to be you.

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