Beast Bundle

Beast Bundle

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Whats inside the Bundle?

What’s in the Bundle?

Are you a fitness maniac? An avid gym junkie? We got a bundle just for you. The Beast Bundle carries two products that are essential to your daily regime! Our Daytime Gummies to pick you up after a workout and our Relief Cream for your muscle recovery. With the Beast Bundle, you have what it takes for you to bring out your inner BEAST! This bundle includes:; (1) CBD Gummies (1) CBD Cream

Inside the Bundle

The last three or four reps is what makes your muscle grows. Unfortunately, crazy workouts are the hardest to recover from- that is if you don’t have the right recovery tools. With our 500mg Relief Cream, recovering from an intensive workout doesn’t have to take forever. Simply apply the cream to the sore area and you’ll be set for your next workout. Furthermore, with 30mg of CBD per serving, our daytime gummies offer you the benefit of long-lasting, much-needed relaxation after a strenuous workout.
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Why Buy the bundle

Why Buy the Beast Bundle?

This bundle is perfect for those used to an active lifestyle. Whether you are a regular at the gym, practice team sports, or have a yoga routine, this CBD bundle will help you stay active without limitations or worries.

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