CBD Dosage for Dogs – Guide

William Castillo

William Castillo

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What’s the Right Amount of CBD for Your Dog?

How much CBD oil should I give my dog? That’s a common question among pet owners who want to give their pampered pet this useful supplement. Dosage of CBD is always based on the individual, with many factors affecting how much CBD oil you might want to use. Here are our tips for giving CBD to dogs and how much to use.

Can I Give My Dog Human CBD Oil?

Can I Give My Dog Human CBD Oil

This is the most important question when it comes to giving pets CBD oil: Do they take the same CBD oil as humans? The answer to this is more or less “yes” because pet CBD oil is extracted from the same premium grade of the hemp plant that human CBD oil is extracted from. Many CBD products for pets are specially formulated to contain flavorings that are appealing to animals or particular extracts which are considered beneficial to pets.

Pure Relief’s CBD Oil for Pets is used by pet owners to help with the following issues:

  • Inflammation
  • Joint issues
  • Anxiety
  • General wellness

CBD dosage for dogs may depend on several factors including:

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Breed
  • Reasons for taking CBD
  • The severity of issue requiring CBD

Generally, the larger the dog or the more severe the issue, the higher a dose may be required. It’s always best to start with a low dose and see how it affects your dog. Be consistent with this dose, and note any benefits. If the benefits are minimal, up the dose slightly and continue. Alternatively, try searching for a CBD oil dosage calculator or, more specifically, a CBD oil for dogs dosage chart to look at what other users and professionals have recommended for their dogs.

CBD Oil for Dogs Dosage: Anxiety

Anxiety in dogs is a general term for pets who are on edge, nervous, worried, or struggle in specific situations. An example of this is waiting at the vet or traveling in a vehicle.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog for Anxiety?

CBD dosage for dogs starts with knowing the strength of the CBD oil you’re using. Pure Relief Pet Relief contains 600mg of CBD extract per 30ml of fluid. Each measured dose provides 20mg CBD. You may be able to find a CBD chart online which shows the best dosage for your breed or size of the dog.

As a guide, the minimum dose is one dropper full of CBD oil under the tongue or mixed with food per day. However, for dogs that weigh over 50lb, you may find that two drops per day will be more beneficial. For dogs over 100lb, 3 drops might be more beneficial, and so forth.

The severity of the condition could also increase the required dose. The minimum dose of one dropper full per day is often used by pet owners for general wellness and very mild anxiety. A low dose would be considered two or three droppers full a day and can be seen as a remedy for skin irritation and mild to moderate anxiety.

Stronger doses can be taken for more severe anxiety and inflammation, and this may constitute ten drops mixed with food every eight hours. A dose like this should normally be taken by your dog just three times a day, but do discuss it with your vet if you think more could be beneficial. Some dogs respond very positively to a high dose of CBD oil.

If you get the chance to discuss alternative remedies with a vet, CBD dosing chart options and calculators shouldn’t be required, as your vet should be able to recommend a dosage specifically for your dog. If your vet has no experience with CBD, try contacting Pure Relief directly for advice on CBD dosage for anxiety.

CBD for Dogs Dosage: Pain Relief

Some users report that CBD oil for dogs may help with some types of pain relief. The reviews on Pure Relief’s website certainly back this up. While scientific studies into the mechanisms of this are still few and far between, some research shows that CBD reduced the levels of inflammation and pain in rats who were treated with CBD gel- a study backed up by the many people who use CBD on a regular basis for this type of relief.

CBD works on the body’s systems in a very similar way in both humans and animals, so it makes sense that consistent application of CBD, externally or internally, could help reduce the symptoms of joint inflammation.

Whether your dog suffers from arthritis, joint pain due to injury, or irritation of the skin, CBD could be an important tool in the process of managing and minimizing irritation. CBD dosage for dogs who suffer from inflammatory problems should probably start at two drops every 6-8 hours, and dog owners should monitor how their dog reacts.

Is the dog happier? Do they stop favoring the injured area as much? Are they more active? Are their eyes brighter? Has their appetite improved? If yes, great news, you’ve found a beneficial dose of CBD for inflammation. If not, or if the changes are noticeable but not significant, try upping the dose slightly for a few days and monitor closely again.

It’s important to remember that all dogs are individuals, just like all humans! CBD charts are generally based on user’s experiences, rather than extensive scientific research. Currently, there isn’t much peer-reviewed research going on into how beneficial CBD is for pets. That’s why it’s important to be consistent with your dosing, monitor the benefits your dog is getting from CBD, and always reach out to your supplier with any concerns or questions.


Can I give my dog CBD oil? How much CBD oil for dogs is appropriate? CBD oil may be beneficial to many pets, but it can be challenging to know what the best dose of CBD for dogs is. The right dose may change depending on weight, breed, and the age of your pet.

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