Frosty Snowman Pre-rolled 1 gram Hemp Joint

Pre-Rolled Joints


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What Are Pure Relief Pre-Rolled Joints?

Pure Relief’s hemp rolls are single packs of king-sized pre-rolled joints that are ready to use. The CBD in our pre-rolls is grown naturally and contains less than 0.3% THC. Our CBD pre-rolled joints are available in multiple strains so that you can pick the one that is just right for you. With 1gm of CBD flower in each pack, the only thing you will need is a lighter.

How to Use Pure Relief Hemp Rolls

Using our pre-rolled joints is easy and convenient. Simply unpack your hemp rolls, light it, and inhale for pure relief! Thanks to their convenience, our CBD hemp pre-rolls can be easily incorporated into your day so that you can benefit from the full benefits of organic CBD, regardless of your schedule.
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Why Buy Our CBD Pre-Rolled Joints?

Pure Relief’s pre-rolled joint packs are perfect for people who prefer to do things the old-fashion way. Although many delivery methods have emerged these past few years, some people still relish the idea of inhalation. If this sounds like you, then our hemp rolls are for you. Most importantly, like the rest of Pure Relief products, our raw hemp joints are always tested by independent laboratories to ensure the highest quality, safety, and potency.
Raw hemp flower.

Pure Relief pre-rolls are easy and convenient.

  1. Simply unpack your hemp rolls.
  2. Light it, and inhale slowly.
  3. Enjoy pure relief!

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