Flower Pack Bundle

Flower Pack Bundle

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Whats inside the Bundle?

What’s in the Bundle?

If you haven’t figured that one out yet, we’ll let you in on the contents of the Flower Pack Bundles. Just like the name suggests, this bundle comes with everything you need to get your puff on. The Mystery pack Includes: (1) Relief Strap Fanny Pack (1) Relief Roll (1) Raw Hemp Flower Bag (1) Palmwood

Inside The Bundle

Because we offer several strains for our relief rolls, hemp flower, and palmwood, you get to decide which one you want your bundle to come with. From Lemon Fuel OG to Purple Punch, you have way too many options to choose from–but that’s a good thing! Don’t say we don’t look out for you.
inside the bundle
Why Buy the bundle

Why Buy the Flower Pack Bundle?

For people who like to take their CBD the old fashion way. This bundle has everything you need to stack up and spark up. We know how messy things can get when rolling your own scooby, that’s why we added our new fanny pack- consider it your new rolling kit!

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