How to Treat Acne Naturally

Treating acne naturally should be the first step you take before using harsh chemicals on your skin. With a little bit of preparation, you can easily design a daily regimen that can make a notable impact on your skin condition.

Starting with a stop at a Vitamin store you can find a list of products that can assist with acne and related symptoms. Probiotics stimulate the production of antibacterial proteins that work against the bacterium linked to acne. They also work towards overall immune function. The GI tract is the body’s largest immune system, so keeping this in good care will help maintain your overall functioning.

Gastrointestinal health has a correlation to acne. In this example, many acne symptoms can go hand in hand with GI functions. When keeping the intestines in good health you can keep the skin clear. The beauty of all of this treatment is that it will keep the mind clear too. The brain-gut axis is under close investigation, and it is known that mood and the health of your stomach is closely related.

Vitamin E is a known anti-inflammatory and protective for the skin. It is excellent for restoring skin tone and works with various skin disorders. L-glutamine would also be a vitamin to consider. As diet and acne are so closely related, glutamine is important for its protection of the gastrointestinal walls, preventing any damage or leaky gut symptoms.

The endocannabinoid system, meanwhile, is integral in both skin and digestive care. As natural hemp products featuring cannabinoid compounds hit the market, it is recommended to check out local health stores and online manufacturers to see what is available.

Using Herbs to Optimize Skin Health

Another approach on how to treat acne naturally is utilizing herbs. Witch hazel is an excellent approach to treating acne naturally along with both tea tree oil and neem oil. These natural products for acne are complemented very well by the supplements listed above and combine wonderfully with hemp treatment.

Witch hazel is great for reducing the inflammation caused by acne and eczema. It is applied topically. It’s also a solid antioxidant. An effective and safe alternative to many pharmaceutical creams.

Tea tree oil is quite versatile when used topically. It can be used to combat acne and a variety of skin infections. It’s very efficient, so take the time to learn how to use tea tree oil correctly and you’ll be able to reap the rewards.

Neem oil can be used for the prolonged treatment of acne as well. It also helps to protect the skin, reduce inflammation and speed up wound healing.

CBD products are also an excellent way to care for the body naturally. The endocannabinoid system has receptors littered throughout the tissues of the body. When it comes to the skin a proper balance between activation and ease of the receptors will prevent dry skin and acne. This same network in the skin can help alleviate pain, itching, and allergies as well.

Optimizing your skin requires optimizing your health. Use a holistic approach and addressing diet, probiotics, and various supplements for skin and stomach health. Look towards a natural remedy for acne by considering using an herbal approach. Hemp products are effective but many other plants have a lot to offer when it comes to treating acne and caring for the skin.

For further information on CBD check out our FAQ and feel free to look at the collection of articles on the various hemp topics that we have available. We encourage you to contact the team if you have any questions. We wish you the best in discovering which alternative approach works best for you!

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