Pure Relief is Proud to Participate in Epilepsy Awareness Month

For decades, epileptic patients and their families have been using CBD products to treat the symptoms associated with the disease. As a leader in the CBD industry, Pure Relief would like to join the worldwide efforts to increase awareness about this condition during Epilepsy Awareness Month.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is characterized by many symptoms with seizures being the most common and often the most serious. Seizures in epileptic patients are triggered by abnormal activity in the brain and can range from mild to severe. Other symptoms may also include fatigue, anxiety, amnesia, depression, and temporary paralysis after a seizure.


Currently, 3.5 million people are suffering from epilepsy in the United States making it one of the most common neurological diseases in the nation. Epilepsy can be genetic or the result of a severe brain injury such as a stroke.

“Epilepsy is common, complex to live with, and costly. It can lead to early death if not appropriately treated,” said Rosemarie Kobau, head of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Epilepsy Program. “Everyone should know how to recognize a seizure and how to give appropriate first aid.”

Why People are Using CBD for Epilepsy

Users report that CBD for epilepsy has the potential to minimize the severity of seizures and their frequency. Dozens of studies indicate this could be due to CBD’s effects on the nervous system which is directly related to the onset of seizures.

Earlier this year, the FDA approved the first CBD epilepsy treatment (Epidiolex), proving the hemp extract may, in fact, be able to help millions currently living with the disease.

Why Pure Relief Supports Epilepsy Awareness

Through years of experience in the industry, we at Pure Relief have heard numerous stories of how CBDhas helped epileptic patients with some of the most severe symptoms like seizures. While we are proud to offer products that will support these patients, we are aware that living with the disease can be a constant struggle filled with debilitating pain and anxiety. Fortunately, numerous organizations are working tirelessly to find a potential cure for the disease.

We encourage you to learn more about these organization and all they are doing to bring an end to epilepsy. For more information on each of these groups and what you can do to help, click here.

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