Night Night Pure Relief CBD Bundle

Night Night Bundle

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Whats inside the Bundle?

What’s in the Bundle?

The Night Night Bundle is designed to help you find better and deeper sleep. How? Well, unlike our other bundles, this one comes with the potent 2500mg Pure Hemp Extra Strength CBD Oil and our Nighttime CBD Gummies with melatonin for a good night’s sleep. If you have trouble falling and staying asleep at night, these gummies are the perfect way to relax and enhance your sleeping patterns. This bundle includes: (1) 2500mg Extra Strength CBD Oil (1) Nighttime CBD Gummies

Inside The Bundle

Our 900mg Nighttime Gummies offer you the combined relaxing benefits of CBD and melatonin. All of our gummies contain 30mg of CBD hemp extract and a dose of melatonin to help you achieve the rest you deserve. Simply take 1 gummy before bedtime and you’ll be on your way to better sleep. Additionally, the potent 2500mg Extra Strength CBD Oil is one of the strongest concentrations we offer. With 83mg per serving, this oil is sure to relax your body and mind for a more restful night.
inside the bundle
Why Buy the bundle

Why Buy Night Night Bundle?

Believe or not, sleeping does not come easy for everybody. If you have problems sleeping, you know how difficult your days can be without proper rest. The Night Night Bundle is designed to help you achieve the best rest at night so you can be more productive during the day. Consider it a sleepy time cheat code.

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