Spirit Bundle

Spirit Bundle

$118.99 $101.99


Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg


1 x CBD Vape Pen


1 x Pre-Rolled Joint


Whats inside the Bundle?

What’s in the Bundle?

We’re all about lifting the spirit at Pure Relief. The Spirit Bundle is your one-stop-shop solution to your wellness concerns. We have created this bundle to bring you the best of many worlds. We’ve brought together some of your favorite CBD products to offer you the possibility to take your daily dose of CBD in three separate ways. Our Spirit bundles include: (1) CBD Vape Pen (1) Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg (1) Pre-Roll Joint

Inside The Bundle

If you are fond of CBD vape pens and pre-rolls, this bundle is for you. Because our vape pens come in three different flavors, we let you pick and choose! There are no wrong answers here, they’re all potent and beneficial in their own ways. From Gelato and Tangie to Strawberry Shortcake, the choice is all yours. The same thing goes for our Raw Hemp Flower Relief Rolls. Since we offer multiple strains, you get to decide which one you truly want. From the soothing Banana Punch to irresistible Hawaiin Haze, you are guaranteed to find the perfect strain for you.
inside the bundle
Why Buy the bundle

Why Buy The Spirit Bundle?

Our Spirit Bundle is a great way to get all your relaxation essentials in one purchase. We understand that everybody needs a little bit of relaxation when the long days turn into longer nights and the unexpected stresses of life creep up on us without a warning. With the Spirit Bundle, you are officially equipped to handle whatever pressure life throws at you.

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